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Since these items are related, the process for renaming the home folder and . more complex for pre-Leopard Macs, but if you're running Tiger (OS X x) or.
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How to Change a User Home Folder Name in Mac OS

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If you're scratching your head at this point, because of the popular misconception that account names are set in stone, and the only way to change a name is to create a new account and delete the old one, then this tip is for you. Each user account contains the information below; well, actually there's more information that goes into a user account, but these are the three aspects we're working with here:.

If you made a typo when setting up a user account, or you simply wish to change the name, you can do so by following the instructions below. Just remember that there are certain limitations, the most important being that the Short Name and Home Directory name must match. This process is going to make some fundamental changes to your user account; as a result, your user data could be at risk.

How to Change Mac User Account and Home Directory Name

Now that may sound a bit over the top, but it's possible for a problem to occur during the process of making changes that could cause your user data to become unavailable to you; that is, its permissions could be set in such a way that you no longer have access to it. So, before beginning, I highly recommend taking the time to ensure that you have a current backup. If possible, create both a current Time Machine backup and a bootable clone of your startup drive.

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If the account you're going to be changing is your current administrator account, you will need to first have a different, or spare, administrator account to use during the process of changing account information. Log out of the account you wish to make changes to, and log into your spare administrator account. You will find the option to Log Out under the Apple menu.

Rename home folder and username on mac OS X 10.6 to 10.10.3

In the Finder window click the home directory to select it. Click again in the name of the home directory to select it for editing.

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Enter the new name for the home directory remember, the home directory and the short name that you'll be changing in the next few steps must match. In the Users and Groups preference pane, click the lock icon in the bottom left corner and then supply your administrator password this may be the password for the spare admin account, not your normal administrator password.

How To Move or Rename Your Mac Home Folder [MacRx]

From the pop-up menu, select Advanced Options. Edit the Account Name field to match the new home directory name you created in the steps 2 through 7. Change the Home Directory field to match the new name you created in step 6. You can click the Choose button and navigate to the Home Directory instead of typing in the new name.

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I tried to change the home folder name on my mac by using this sudo code in the terminal: How do I get it all back? Nifle 28k 23 93 Can I ask why you did it? What are you trying to achieve? Note that you should be very careful with sudo commands unless you absolutely know what you're doing or have a backup — do you have one?