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Rach, the folder with the question mark means the computer cannot find I just see the the recovery disk that only has 2GB but no sign of the Macintosh HD. ( tried 2) and the cursor is in the upper left by the apple symbol.
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Data Recovery for Virtual Machine Recover documents, multimedia files, and database files from any virtual machine. BitRaser for File Permanently wipe files and folders, and erase traces of apps and Internet activity. View All Products. Here are a few sound bites resounding the problem—. When I turned on my MacBook Pro, a flashing folder with a question mark came on the screen.

That stayed there for a few seconds, but the Mac booted later on.

Question Mark Folder Fix in Detail – Why? And How to fix on any Apple Mac!

Is there an issue with my MacBook Pro? Any suggestions…. Yesterday, after I turned on my MacBook Air, it displayed a flashing folder with a question mark. Any clues on how to fix this?

How to fix flashing question mark on mac

And while you deal with this problem, you may come across the possibilities of data loss due to corruption or inaccessible media. So, we also cover along data recovery solution for Mac hard drives. Flashing folder with a question mark? This can happen in the following situations:.

Case 1: When MacBook displays the error for a few seconds but boots. Case 2: When MacBook displays the error but does not boot. Try repairing it with First Aid, as follow:. Step 4 : Exit Disk Utility once the repair process is over.

What's Wrong with Mac

Step 1: Back up the MacBook data [critical step]. This is critically important because if you reinstall the OS without first backing up the data, it will result in data loss due to overwriting. Step I. This puts your Mac in recovery mode. Click on your startup drive and click the First Aid tab. Click Run. If the repair completes successfully, you can select the disk in Startup Disk in the Apple menu and restart.

If the repair fails or you can't see your startup disk in Disk Utilities, you'll need to erase the disk and reinstall macOS. If you've got a recent bootable clone made with, say Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper , you can plug that in, select it as the Startup Disk and restart, and wait for the Setup Assistant. Plug in a spare external drive and open Disk Utility.

Click the Erase tab and erase the external drive. When it's done, select Reinstall macOS from the Utilities window and make sure you select the external disk you just erased. In all honesty, I'm not sure how well either of these work with SSD drives.

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The file structure using SSD is similar to the hard drive, so they may work. However, since there's nothing too important on the drive, I would try restoring see if typing in the name of the network allows you to connect. If not, the Apple Store should be able to restore the OS. Since you don't have AppleCare you may have to pay for that, but probably not much more than what one or both of these apps cost and I'm really not sure DG3 is really worth it any more. The Apple Disk Utility has gotten so much better over the years that most third party tools aren't worth having.

DiskWarrior is a one-trick pony but it's a wonderful trick to have available. It rewrites the directory structure from hidden files. Sometimes this is all that is needed to fix a drive. Both are available via the companies web sites you can search for both. Nothing strange about it. The Air has a drive, it's just not an antiquated hard drive. It has a solid state drive that is much faster and uses much less power. Perhaps your router has been set to not broadcast itself. In that case you would need to type in the name of the wireless network and the password. Going by memory that option should be there to allow you to do so.

In any case, what she should do is get an external drive that she can use with the Mac's included Time Machine backup app.

Flashing folder with Question mark after Mojave update

She wouldn't need to always have it connected to the Air, just occasionally. It would have help in this situation where the existing or new drive could have used the Time Machine backup to restore her computer to the way it was before. Based on what I sense is your level of experience, that's what I recommend. It's unusual what has happened.

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The ability to recover from such a thing is far easier on the Mac side than on the Windows side. Apple's support is also the best in the industry. Hardware resale value is higher. Use and maintenance is also far simpler for most users, and that goes for Mac and iOS devices. Besides, she's happy with what she has. I learned a long time ago to support a woman's decision to choose whatever she wants. She doesn't need AppleCare to take it to an Apple Store to determine what's wrong.

They will check it and diagnose it for free. Repairs may or may not be free, depending on what's wrong with it, if it's a known issue or an unusual one they want to capture or how generous the Apple Genius wants to be, even if it's out of warranty it happens. Once you know what's actually wrong and what the solution entails, then decide what the next step is. It may be as simple as reinstalling the system, which is something an Apple Store would probably do for free. Most pilots are clueless about the mechanics driving an airplane.

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It's at PeachMac. Between all the trouble my friend had recently with her iphone, and I mean a lot of trouble and they had her running to all different places, and my daughters hard drive going in just over a year, I'm really getting turned off to apple's expensive, very proprietary products. My mother and father with the MGM lion Excellent point, though my reason is that I personally know how to do basic troubleshooting for Windows-based PCs and Android phones, not Apple products Somehow I end up doing the groundwork with the Apple technicians.

If it were a PC, I may have been able to fix some of the problems. The Mac forum members have been terrific and I appreciate all the help.


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